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Automate your Lab Report Generation and Data Review

BioRev (21 CFR Part 11 Compliant system) is an innovative software solution that helps analytical laboratory organizations to automate and standardize report generation, and to conduct quick scientific data review (100% data coverage) based on custom quality objectives.

BioRev is operated independently from any specific instrument controlling software or LIMS system. It can be configured to import data from a lab’s existing applications such as Watson LIMS©, equipment controlling software, and home-grown systems that can output data in generic formats (Excel, PDF, CSV files, etc.). Given access, BioRev can import data from diverse types of databases (Oracle®, Microsoft SQL Server®, etc.). BioRev integrates all data sources to perform data analytics and create reports.

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Promotes Scientific Quality

BioRev software empowers scientists with powerful data analytics capabilities. BioRev enables scientists to conduct quick scientific review on large amounts of data, with 100% coverage, based on custom quality objectives. This functionality helps scientists to focus on what matters most: the science.

Built for Compliance

BioRev is 21CFR Part 11 compliant. Generation of sample analysis and validation reports are simple:

Features and Benefits

Streamlines reporting

Standardize and automate lab’s reporting process.

Customizes reporting

Unique report design capability for building template and layout. Define your own data processing logics. Customize data fields for different data types.

Traceable reporting

Easy to trace the raw data at any point in time for auditing and other purposes.

Hosts reporting data

Analytical data are imported from multiple sources and stored within BioRev, merged and reconciled as needed. BioRev has the flexibility-by-design to work with both current and legacy data sources.

Scale-up capability

Powerful features to process large amounts of data (tested for 500,000 data records for single study and 200+ concurrent access) with no compromise in system performance.

Enhances quality oversight

Data review capabilities facilitate compliance and risk-based quality management. It is a unique advantage that BioRev stores whole study’s data, which enables scientists to quickly and comprehensively review all data related to a quality objective within- and cross-projects.

BioRev Software Screen Shots

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  • BioRev screenshots
  • BioRev screenshots
  • BioRev screenshots
  • BioRev screenshots

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