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Mass Spectrometer Monitoring System

What is iNNiData “Q ALERT”

iNNiData QALERT is a mass spectrometer monitoring system which provides fault detection alert service and Mass Spec Operational Analytics® (Advanced version).

As a Lab Manager:

  • You will be able to configure to receive alters to different channels, such as SMS, Phone call, email etc
  • You will be able to look at the detailed report on usage of the mass spectrometer in the labs, which allows you to better plan the use of the mass spectrometer.

iNNiData QALERT can monitor and alert on following conditions:

  • When mass spec is stopped due to an error in acquisition.
  • When there is a piping leak which is causing faulty data to be recorded. o If Analyst gets stuck on acquiring a sample.
  • If peaks are not detected where they are supposed to be.
  • If Analyst is stuck on waiting for next sample and not starting acquisition.

Also has an automatic fault reset after a configurable time period. Useful for sending another alert in case it was ignored.

Mass Spec Operational Analytics® (Advanced version) provides robust information about the state of mass spec such as:

  • Inventory listing of all active and inactive mass spec with workstation info, user Info.
  • Usage statics in terms of time period, machine, machine type.
  • Downtime statistics (inactive time statistics) by machine, time period.
  • Reportsonvariousmetrics.
  • Activetimeusersspendonworkstations.
  • Number of times the queue had to be stopped (by a user or by Analyst due to error).
  • Number of faults detected by workstations.

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